Agency cost reduction

Easily publish available shifts to all employees and bank staff and allow them to claim shifts they want to work

Key Benefits:

For your organisation

  • Significant reduction in time spent to cover available shifts
  • Reduction in agency spend 
  • Engage staff in the process of covering available shifts
  • Provides clarity and visibilty that available shifts have been accepted

For your employees

  • A simple to use app to publish and accept available shifts
  • All employees are notified of available shifts at the same time
  • Employees accept surplus shifts they are prepared to work 
  • Short notice shifts can be communicated and accepted using the simple to use app 
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Matching employees to available shifts is a time consuming process involving many phone calls to cover one shift. This simple to use app allows you to publish avaiilable shifts to qualified employees and employees to accept the shift saving time and reducing your dependancy on agency employees.

Save time, reduce agency spend

Easy to use software help save administration time?

Sign up

Simply sign up your home and encourage your full and part time staff and any bank to download the app.

Upload your shifts

After uploading the shifts you need to cover all your registered user are notified of the shifts that need to be filled and can be encouraged to claim them through an optional auction process. 

The auction process

To avoid agency fees you may be prepared to pay a little more to your staff and you have the ability to automatically increment the amount until the shift is claimed.


Given the regulatory issues involved there is a complete registration process ensuring all your users comply with all training and regulatory compliance.

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